Welcome Letter from the President


It is a great honor and privilege to serve as the President and Chair of the Board of Directors of Nest Egg Foundation. Our goal is to give opportunity to those struggling with infertility as fertility treatment is often not covered by medical insurance and can be out of financial reach for many people.

We are therefore investing our time, resources, expertise and our money to support hard working people within the community. They have a dream, the desire and the vision of becoming parents, and we at Nest Egg Foundation can provide a financial grant to help make those dreams a reality for them.

If you know someone who has been impacted by infertility, or you cannot imagine your journey through life without your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, or those of others around you, then you can imagine how life changing this grant can be. We know what our families, our children, mean to us...the world! We want to help offer that to others, to help give families a chance to come into being.

Whether you need help in becoming a family, or you are able to offer help to another person, please join us. We are here because we know what family means. Everything.



Dana Gilland
President and Chair of the Board of Directors for Nest Egg Foundation


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